This course provides a comprehensive and practical analysis of Money Laundering schemes, Anti-Money Laundering legislation, counter-measure techniques and implementation. Participants will learn to understand the complexities associated with the prevention and the protection of their organizations. They will cover different types of schemes, the methods available to prove income, what records are required, how to analyze them, and how to identify leads.

Considering the most current cases of violation of Anti-Money Laundering regulations and the cost associated with it, not only in money but in reputation as well, his course will give participants guidance and understanding of regulations both in the Africa, and internationally, to ensure organizations stay ahead in protecting their assets.

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Training Dates

  • 24-27 February 2020, Johannesburg, RSA
  • 4-7 May 2020, Capetown, RSA
  • 6-9 July 2020, Port Elizabeth, RSA

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