In an ever-competitive marketplace, improving business processes to increase efficiency and operational performance is at the top of Telecoms and Utilities priority list. Successfully implementing a BPM initiative can assist companies to identify, improve, implement and monitor improved business processes. This workshop provides an introduction and a framework for attendees to either begin or accelerate a BPM programme and understand how BPM can enhance both process and operational excellence whilst delivering real business value.

Understanding and measuring processes and activities is critical to business success, but how many organizations truly understand and measure the processes and activities required to produce their products/services and support their customers? Why is this important? This workshop is designed to show you an approach to rapidly quantify, measure and improve your processes and products using activity analysis techniques.

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Training Dates

  • 11-14 February 2020, Capetown, RSA
  • 19-22 May 2020, Kasane, Botswana
  • 6-9 July 2020, Swakopmund, Namibia

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