Delivering effective public policy in South Africa is one of the central functions of government but is rarely straightforward. Public officials have to reconcile competing points of view and interests, manage with limited budgets, persuade a wide range of stakeholders and ensure attention in a crowded political agenda. At the same time, stakeholders expect ever higher standards of public policy delivery. The performance of public officials is also under closer scrutiny due to the wider availability of information and the role of social media. Developing and implementing effective policies and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders are essential skills for government officials at all levels, whether appointed or elected. This Masterclass on Developing Effective Public Policy and Policy Delivery will provide strategies and tools to enhance the development and delivery of effective public policies.

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Training Dates

  • 17-20 February 2020, Polokwane, RSA
  • 23-26 March 2020, Capital, Johannesburg, RSA
  • 6-9 April 2020, Capetown, RSA

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