A large proportion of an organisation’s costs is expended on the procurement of goods and services, particularly where it involves a global supply chain network as is the case with most of today’s industries and sectors. Using management best practice through the tendering and procurement process and in contract implementation is thus critical to ensuring cost and process efficiencies to your

This highly interactive seminar considers how your organisation can identify and use the most appropriate procurement strategy and discusses best practice in developing tender documentation, criteria and evaluation. It focuses on how best to deal with key contractual liability issues to minimise the risk exposure to your organisation from cost and time overruns. It also provides tools, tips and techniques on effective resolution of disputes to minimise cost and reputational risk exposure to your organisation.

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Training Dates

  • 28-30 January 2020, Capetown, RSA
  • 9-11 March 2020, Johannesburg, RSA
  • 4-6 May 2020, Durban, RSA
  • 20-22 April 2020, Gaborone, Botswana

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